Radio set Р-134

Radio set Р-134
Radio set Р-134
Radio set Р-134

Short technical description and characteristics

Radio set Р-134 is a talk-back, HF, simplex, telephone-telegraph radio set with single-side band modulation (SSBM) that provides SSBM radio communication. When the radio set is mounted on the object it offers amplitude telegraphy, frequency telegraphy, speed of response.

Radio set Р-134 is intended for work in tactical command level when it is installed into command-and-staff vehicles and armored vehicles, it also works as a receiver-exciter in set of radio set P-156.









Radio set Р-134 is produced in following versions:

Version Designation Purpose Difference
Т1 SHI1.101.024 ШИ1.101.024

Radio set with manual antenna-matching device (AMD) operated in frequency range 1,5-11,999 MHz. Installed in different types of armored vehicles.

AMD with flex-drive
Т3 SHI1.101.024-05 ШИ1.101.024-05 AMD with solid drive
А1 SHI1.101.024-02 ШИ1.101.024-02

Radio set with automated antenna-matching device (Unit 14) operates in frequency range 1,5-29,999 MHz. Installed as a part of Р-142Н and into command-and-staff vehicles on different transport bases.

Is not completed with telegraph signals unit (Unit 12)

А2 SHI1.101.024-03 ШИ1.101.024-03

Is completed with telegraph signals unit (Unit 12). Additional telegraph equipment of speed response may be switched to it.


Technical characteristics

Parameter Norm according to the technical conditions
1. Frequency range, MHz 1,5 - 29,999
2. Frequency spacing, kHz 1,0
3. input of frequency, modes choice controlled by switches on the front panel
4. Display Digital with light indication
5. Modulation sideband modulation (SB)
amplitude telegraphy (AT)
frequency telegraphy (FT)
6. Quantity of pre-set frequencies 8
7. Receivers sensitivity, not worse:
  - in telephone mode, μV
  - в in telegraph mode, μV




8. Relative frequency instability, not worse: ±3х10-7
9. Current consumption, not more, A:
  - in reception mode
  - in transmission mode




10. Power supply, V 27,0 (22,0-29,0)
11. Transceivers output power, W 50,0
12. Communication distance, km up to 350
13. Temperature range from -500С up to +500С
14. Dimensions, mm 300х496х303
15. Weight of operation set (depending on version), not more, kg 60,0 - 135,0
16. Antennas Whip–3 m
Whip-4 m
«Symmetrical vibrator»