Radio set Р-130М

Радиостанция Р-130М
Радиостанция Р-130М
Радиостанция Р-130М

Radio set Р-130М is intended to provide RF radio communication. Radio set P-130M is HF simplex telephone-telegraph radio set with single-sideband modulation and quartz frequency stabilizer. Radio set has 950 fixed frequencies with frequency spacing 10 kHz.

Radio set has discrete frequency mesh and provides searchless handshaking communication without tuning on fixed frequencies with the same type radio sets and also with the HF radio sets of previous generation with amplitude modulation and manipulation.

Radio set provides the following functions:

  • telephone transmitting and reception in single-sideband modulation (SSM);
  • reception of telephone signals in amplitude modulation (AM);
  • transmitting and reception of telegraph signals in amplitude modulation (wide and narrow band reception);
  • transmitting of telegraph signals while frequency telegraph (FT);
  • stand-by (SY) reception in all mentioned operating modes except frequency modulation.

Radio set provides remote control when changing from transmitting to reception and executing radio communication on preset frequency in selected operation mode by means of telephone set type ТА-57-У (ТА-57) via two-wired line at the distance up to 2 km.

The primary radio set’s power supply source is vehicular mains 27V (DC) with voltage 26 V±15%.

Radio set may be operated in temperature range from -40°С up to +50°C and relative air humidity 95-98% at t° 40°С.

Radio set is supplied in different versions (А, А1, АБ, А2, А3, Т, Т1, БТ, Т3, Т6).


Technical characteristics

Main parameters

Norm according to the technical conditions

Frequency range, MHz


Frequency spacing, kHz


Communication distance, km

up to 350
(at stop on “symmetrical vibrator” antenna)

Current consumption, not more, А: 
  - at max power 
  - when stand-by reception 
  - when reception



Frequency stability, not worse

0,7х10 -6

Receivers sensitivity, not worse, μV: 
  - narrow band
  - wide band
  - SSM 
  - AM


Full power output, not less, W: 
  - versions А, А1, АБ, А2, A3 
      I and II sub-bands 
      III - X sub-bands 
  - versions Т, Т1, БТ, Т3, Т6 
      I sub-band
      II - X sub-bands 
  - max power



Quantity of dead frequencies, not more


Mean time between failures, hour


dimensions of the transceiver, mm


Weight of the set (depending on version), not more, kg



 - whip 4m

 - "sloping wire"
    (for automobile version)

  - nearly vertical incidence skywave
   (in set of the object)

  - "symmetrical vibrator"