Radio receiver Р-173ПМ

Radio receiver Р-173ПМ
Radio receiver Р-173ПМ

Radio receiver Р-173ПМ is intended to receive telephone information with frequency modulation in ultra-short wave range when installation it in moving objects as a separate equipment or jointly with radio set Р-173М.

Radio receiver provides reception of analog and digital information. While reception of digital information radio receiver is meant for work with the equipment of digital communication.

While reception of analog information radio receiver provides two modes of operation:

- intercom system mode — operation with intercom system or noise-resistant helmet with noise protection gear;
- terminal equipment mode (TE mode) — operation with unified equipment of integral connection and communication or terminal equipment.


Radio receiver P-173ПМ  provides searchless and tunable reception of radio transmission communication on any of ten pre-selected frequencies on whip antennas 3 m, 2 m or 1 m high, wide-band VHF and emergency antennas. While operation in movement as main used whip antenna 2 m high.


With an appropriate choice of frequencies radio receiver provides joint independent operation as on separate whip antennas, as on common whip antenna using unit Р-173-14(antenna filters unit).


Radio receiver P-173ПМ keeps its operability when moving and on stop, in conditions of high vibrations and in the temperature range from -40°С to +50°С and relative air humidity up to 98% at the temperature +40°С.

Operability of radio set keeps at voltage variation of the vehicle mains from +22V to +29V, and also if in vehicle mains available of overvoltage pulses with amplitude up to 70 V and duration 3 ms.


Technical characteristics

Basic parameter denomination

Norm in accordance

with technical


Frequency range, kHz

30000 - 75999

Frequency spacing, kHz


Receiver sensitivity:

  - when receiving analogue signals, not more, µV:

  - with noise suppressor turned on, not more, µV




Receiver sensitivity in frequency band when receiving digital

information with error coefficient 1x10-2, not more, µV


Quantity of pre-selected frequencies


Radio receiver power supply from vehicular mains DC, V


Output resistance:

  - in intercommunication mode, not less than, V

  - in TE mode, not less than, V




Overall dimensions of radio receiver with shock-absorber, mm


Weight of basic kit of the radio receiver, not more, kg